Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ebb and fade.

We've had a couple of fosters come and go as of late.

Bindy's first car ride with us, fresh from the clink in Camden, SC.

Satellite ears and a happy face.

On her way to Columbia, the first leg of her journey to Indiana to find a forever home.


In early July we had Bindy Sue (yes just like that ever-cheerful Irwin girl) she was with us for 2 weeks from Blue Crush Rescue out of NC. We held her so that she wouldn't have to stay in a $60 a night kennel after being pulled from a shelter where she was on the put down list for June 24th.

An ornery, loving, greedy, kissy, & domineering 35 lb lap dog. Satellite ears, just a nub of a tail, with a long swirly coat. She liked (and I am sure she still does like) to wander off on her own, very much an ACD with selective hearing and definitely was not a fan of bath time. She did teach us some things tho, never trust a dog, they will always find a way to what they want, in her case FOOD. We would be giving treats in the dining room and we'd find her in the pantry with her head stuck in the box of meaty bones. Or we'd go to the living room with something for ourselves and she'd be sitting on the couch , in your seat no less, waiting to snatch it from your hand.


Just recently was Barnaby.

Sitting pretty just after a bath.

Showing off his mottled tongue just like the rest of all our rescues.


Barnaby was a stray wandering the neighborhood. I thought that he was the neighbors dog, Buddy. Long and lanky, an big hot mess of black fur. some sort of lab mix with giant feet and a puppy face. Blinding white teeth and should've been named goober for all the goofy things he did. He just wanted to please, but was far too big to be kept in our house, even though he, amazingly so, had been housebroken.

We kept him for a weekend then sadly turned him in to animal control, and that was after posting signs all over and ads on craigslist.

Because we live in a nice subdivision with big new houses, in a semi rural area, we and some of the neighbors are thinking that locals are dumping their pets off here in hopes someone will take them in.

Bluntly, that sucks.