Friday, June 19, 2009


Ruphus is Colbert's litter brother. Donovan found his adoptive owner (mom) on facebook. She had photos of all five of the Corgi pups when they were first brought to the shelter.

Kenya, Sudan behind her, Colbert, Chad, and Ruphus.

Colbert and Ruphus.

Ruhphus and mom Kristyn.

Doing the Colbert crawl/stretch

Handsome little stud.

Many thanks go to Kristyn for posting these to facebook, and adopting Ruphus. We have had a few messages back and forth and they both have some of the same quirks, sleeping under blankets, fears of thunder storms, and initial dislike of car rides.

Monday, June 15, 2009

FAQ's and Updates

Who is Colbert?

Colbert is our first and failed foster. He was feral and abused. He is still afraid of many things, lights at nights, strangers, and sirens freak him out a little bit.

He sings to us, and we sing back.

He sleeps on his side and his leg falls asleep.

We tell him he has furry hobbit feet and that he is getting a lion cut this summer if he keeps (whatever it is he is doing) up. (he's not going to get one...we promise)

The first few months we had him he lived in his own room by himself holed up in a dogloo not wanting anything to do with us, regardless of what we had to offer, and we tried everything from rawhides to dog food and treats including chicken, beef, and bacon.

He still doesn't come up to us unless we are lying down on the couch or in bed, and even then you'd better not make any sudden movements.

He LOVES butt scratches, even better if you rub his whole body with your foot (feet cannot grab like hands can, or they smell better?).

He emits what I call the Colbert funk when you pick him up. What's up with that?

He prefers my husband over me.

And yes, he is named after Stephen T Colbert.


The Ruby trip over Memorial Weekend went smoothly, only spent 2 hours sitting in Baltimore. Spent the night at Lizzie's house, met her awesome kids and super laid back cattle dogs (they make Buela look like she's mainlining Red Bull) then off to Concord and a few day at home with the family for my mom's 65th birthday.

You can find the Ruby Trip thread at AuCaDo...

Her rescue thread is here:

You may need to sign up for a membership to view the threads, but if you are into rescue and the like there is a great setup for cattle dog rescue and they do do cross posting for other breeds if needed as well.

My view in the rear view mirror:

Finally passed out:

A happy little one eyed Ruby: