Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is it Summer yet?

Here is is, May 18th, and its been raining since the 14th with no end in the near future.

This has been Buela's week, having gone lame after a game of fetch and remaining so through the weekend with no running, jumping, fetching, or frisbee, to the vet we went.

After an exam and an xray, it is only a soft tissue tear to her knee, no blown ligaments or bone fragments, just some anti inflammatories and no fetching, running, jumping, or anything involved with being a cattle dog is allowed.

What we did find however is that her hips are not set correctly, they are fine, but not perfect, she would have never been good breeding stock, and thankfully D and I didn't wander down that path of ignorant, blissful, stupidity.

She will be fine for now, just on a life long regimen of fish oil, glucosamine, and a little bit of weight loss to avoid arthritic hips which we are already dealing with in Oreo.

(Buela, the poster child for why veterinarian's do not take blood pressure readings on dogs.)