Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mystery Solved. Ish.

So in all the years we have had dogs we knew that Roni (Corona) was a shoe eater. Buela chewed up the window sills in the apt and the house. Max kills stuffed toys, Oreo is a trash dog and Colbert likes to "redecorate".


Yesterday I came home to the travesty that was one of my 2 pair of non work jeans with the crotch chewed out. Because of Roni's history of eating shoes, panties, and boxers I of course assumed it was her.

Rest In Pieces.

After having called the vet and developing an action plan for if she had issues and what to look for, I of course did the mommy thing and checked for evidence this AM. Roni has no problem...it was Colbert who had an issue. (No, I will not be posting a poo pic, but I can get one upon request).

So my little redecorator is also a clothing eater. This means that he is also probably responsible for D's swim trunks and the sock I found with my jeans. Ugh. We need to get this boy better hobbies than eating clothes, fly snapping, yodeling, and the hoppy dance.

UPDATE: Roni helped...I have evidence ;)