Friday, October 9, 2009

We Salute YOU!

Today the one of the pets at Pet Helpers (where we fostered and adopted Colbert from) that was adopted out was Truthiness.

Good luck to Truthiness and all the other pets that were adopted today in their new homes.

Happy Day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mr Oreo and the Low Country Pet Expo.


Soon as I got out his new collar and bandana and had them on him he was bouncing around the house with bonafide zoomies. He is a very funny dog when it comes to getting to go outside all dressed up...maybe he will pose in a party collar with no problem.

Mr. Handsome made some friends at the expo, it was in a super little room and very crowded, not really conducive to that many big and tiny dogs with questionable training.

Anyone who recognized the Aussie in him was right up on me telling me bout the ACD or Shep they used to have, what great dogs they are, and how smart they are.

The old biddies loved his super soft bunny fur and his cow spots. He was super excited, so he was pulling more than usual, there were a few barks on his side. But over all it went really well.

I did however have one person ask me what I did to my Dalmation. haha.

Didn't get to hand out any fliers, no one was really that interested beyond figuring out what kind of dog he was. They usually disappeared after I mentioned he was for adoption through CACDR&R . And I didn't even tell anyone how old he was.

He had fun though, that is the most important part. And thanks go to Crystal and Jet for meeting me there and hanging out with us.