Tuesday, June 26, 2012


June 18th, with my current house guest, I made an 8 hour round trip drive to get a dog. Said guest was quite the sport, even tho Maya is "just a dog" (her words, not mine).

Maya is another cattle dog, from Blue Ridge, GA, near the TN border. I am fostering her through Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association. Tuesday we had an appointment to confirm the suspicions of her being pregnant.

In the week since she came here, maya has proved to be a sweet dog, house broken, happy to see you, an attention lover, and a gem in the car. Anyone would be lucky to have her.

Which makes me wonder why anyone would dump her. Theory is probably because she turned up pregnant. 6 weeks is about the time fit females start to show, and the pups are palpable.

Today, June 25, was her appointment for a radiograph for a head count. 7 to 8 is the verdict. I have made the floor of my step in master closet her whelping box, she seems to approve of it. Nothing else to do now but wait on her.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Caturday Night Special.

We have a new foster in the house, she came with a few surprises, like giant ticks, lots of little scabs, fly strike, and others. I'm working on a post about her story for later next week. But for now I give you Shiva on my favorite new anchor sheets.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Inaugural Caturday Post.

Yes, we here at The Colbert Report were adopted by a cat.

No really, she came up on the front porch like she owned the place Easter weekend. Referred to as Jolene for a few days, she earned her name of Shiva (the destroyer, in Hindu teachings), quickly.

She is fearless when it comes to the dogs. And readily makes biscuits on your lap as soon as you sit down to do something. You know, in true cat fashion.

Completely black and all of 7 pounds, the vet guesses she's about 10 months old, give or take. Fitting for a cat to be a Virgo don't you think?