Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November.

Max will be 6 on Friday the fifth. Hard to imagine that he is nearing senior status himself, D even found that some of the hairs around his nose have turned white.

Just don't tell him that he is getting old. ;)

Max started life as a pound puppy, big feet, big ears, big lavender tongue, and was adopted by a girl named A. Due to the curve balls associated with being in the Navy, A needed to re-home her 2 dogs and cat. Enter D, A and D worked together during shore duty, so we went to her house one day to see which dog would get along best with the girls. Max was it.

He has taught Buela and Colbert to be little fetch monsters, and with out a doubt played a massive role in rehabilitating Colbert into a nearly normal dog. He is always the first to play with any new foster and is affectionately called the ladies man, I mean, who wouldn't want to pet a big yellow puffball with a cheezy poof tail?

Happy Early Birthday Maximus fluffious (big fluffy)! (and a big thank you to A!)

6 months-ish

Last winter here at the farmhouse, and oh so handsome.