Monday, September 17, 2012

Puppy Update.

As of yesterday, the pups reached 10 weeks old, the same age Buela was when we brought her home.

Clarke has gone on to his new home this week. Maya will be off on the 27th or so, and Mary soon after.

That means I still have Floyd, Stanley, Arthur, Hal, and Irene. Everyone has had new photos posted and I've just recently posted new descriptions for them all.

Hopefully I can move them on along to new mommies and daddies very soon.

Link to Floyd's listing on ACDRA's facebook.

You can find the rest of the pups listings here.

Where all the latest puppy pictures are posted as soon as they are taken. =]

Clarke with his new parents, Rich and Sumerlin.

Ralph on his way to his new home in Delaware.

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